Free Video Series by Jared Hoffman

Free Video Series

Discover the full potential that drums can unlock for you


Interested in learning drums? This free mini video series is the perfect place to start. I'll inspire you about the passion, language, fun, and community that comes from drumming. The last video also dives into how drumming builds you up in all of life.

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos


Drums as a Passion
5 mins
Drums as a Language
7 mins
Drums for Fun
5 mins
Drums with Community
7 mins
Drums and All of Life
9 mins

Fast-Track Your Growth as a Drummer

Our community, lessons, and courses are created for drummers of all skill levels to start running towards growth. Each is facilitated by Jared Hoffman, who has a passion to use his 22+ years of experience to fast-track any beginner or expert down their journey with drums.